A sunny eclipse in Ambridge, but Jack’s retirement is casting shadows.

Radio Times: Young love shines during the eclipse.

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  • Kirsty and Tommy are keeping a low profile (lower than the long grass around them!) in a remote part of Bridge Farm. In fact it is the field where John died; Tommy thought it would be an appropriate place to watch the eclipse. Tommy tells her about the court hearing yesterday and Kirsty is a little envious that his mum was there for him, as her’s clearly won’t be!
  • Watching the eclipse on the Green with Susan, Betty and Mike, Neil finds it incredible, even if it is only 96% in Ambridge. He returns to Bridge Farm to find Tommy bidding a hasty farewell to “a friend” and not many cabbages hoed. He admires Tommy for having the courage of his convictions and taking action, although he does not envy the court appearances; he remembers how small you are made to feel. Tommy admits that, simple though yesterday’s hearing was, it made him feel like a criminal.
  • Meeting for an evening drink in the Bull, Betty takes pride in telling Susan how well Brenda has got on, having been offered jobs by both the Echo and Radio Borsetshire. When Neil arrives from nets, there is strawberry business to discuss, Mike having drawn up the accounts, and they all have to agree that the publicity worked, thanks to Mike and Hayley. Mr Woolley wants Betty and Susan to ask around for a potential gamekeeper to replace George but Betty has heard a rumour that Jack himself has decided to retire. She is anxious about how that will affect them all.

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