More black cluds for Grange Farm and Lizzie wants Debbie to spill all the beans!

Radio Times: Joe wants to know why he has not been given credit.

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  • Nothing is right at Grange farm. William finds they are out of peanut butter. Clarrie finds a red electricity bill. Eddie finds a cow under the weather and can’t afford to call the vet. Joe is wondering why the winter feed he ordered has not arrived; it turns out that the feed firm will not supply it but declined to give a reason.
  • At Lower Loxley, Nigel and Elizabeth are agonising over the idea of an accommodation block. It would change the character of their business, making much more work for them with a 24-hour commitment. It has no common ground with the gallery and would necessitate selling all eleven cottages and one of the farms. Debbie’s arrival is a welcome interruption. She is on her way home having stayed at Simon’s and she is clearly very happy. Lizzie wants to catch up on the gossip so an evening visit to Home Farm is arranged, Brian and Jenny being out.
  • The Aldridge’s swimming pool is just what Nigel and Elizabeth needed. Debbie explains that she is not going to fight her Dad over his refusal to tolerate Simon at Home Farm; but he has achieved nothing by it because she will simply see Simon at his place.
  • The Grundys are working together loading bales, except Edward who is at the cinema; Joe has the easiest (but of course the most skillful) job on top. Clarrie reminisces and decides she would not change her life; they do not make enough of what they have got. What they have got right now is the approach of a thunderstorm – back to the bales.

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