Jill’s walking without her stick, but can Brookfield’s house-swap stand up unaided?

Radio Times: Could Ruth love a pig?

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  • Jack’s clearout at Grey Gables is proceeding but slowly and Peggy tells Caroline that she can’t face any more today. On the gamekeeper front, Jim Goodrich has been approached but wants a few days to think about it. Peggy cannot forgive Brian for forcing the issue the way he did. On her way to the swimming pool, Jill demonstrates how little she is now using her stick.
  • Ruth is helping Bert to put one of the sows into a farrowing crate but she is having some misgivings about it. Bert tries to convince her that it is necessary, and that talking to the pigs results in more live piglets. David is worried; all his life he has suffered a father who is dotty over pigs and now it seems his wife is going the same way.
  • Having invited herself for tea, Peggy is explaining to Jill how quickly rumours have spread about Jack’s retirement. Betty is worried about her job and even about Brenda’s promised job. Probably Susan is worried too. Jill issues a warning about her biscuits, which are nice but a bit hard; she is still struggling with Ruth’s oven. The warning has to be repeated when Bert calls and after a little moan about the new hymn books he surveys the vegetable garden with some dissatisfaction. It is a bit overgrown, so he will try to do a couple of hours in it next week. There might be something which Ruth will want enter for the Flower & Produce Show.
  • Fantastic! Jill is walking without her stick. David and Ruth are delighted for her, of course. But they would rather like the house swap to become a permanent one and now Jill will be keen to get back to Brookfield. They will have to try to talk them round but they really cannot see Jill agreeing.

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