William’s avoiding Lynda and Ruth and David are trying to avoid swapping houses.

Radio Times: William will not be manipulated

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  • Joe’s taking the Grange Farm dairy hygiene as his personal crusade, the fact is that the milk’s cell count is rising and this can only help. He and Clarrie think that the vet should be involved, but Eddie’s anti-that as too expensive, but too expensive given the risk of losing the milk cheque?
  • The now stick-less Jill is keen for the house-swap to proceed ASAP, but Ruth and David (unwitting supported by Phil) suggest that it’s just too busy at the moment. Phil points out that what a date would be nice, there’s no point in setting one only for events to enforce its change. Jill’s not amused but concedes that it’s a fair point.
  • The cricket goes well, a win for the Alistair-less team (Sid will be incorrigible) with a good knock from Robert. On the boundary, though, William is trying to avoid Lynda who’s intent on arranging his massage. He’s unamused that Clarrie doesn’t feel up to taking his vouchers, Joe, though, sounds intrigued that the offer is transferable ….