No keeper for Grey Gables, Debbie starts the pro-GM backlash and Chris reminds Phil of yesteryear.

Radio Times: A phone call to Jack results in a change of plan.

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  • Lynda’s “just looking” at around Home Farm’s GM crop field, although as Debbie points out, it’s not exactly on the public footpath, but Lynda’s civic duty often takes her off the public right of way …. Lynda’s defiantly anti-GMOs but Debbie is fighting back citing misinformation and propaganda. When Lynda points out that the parish magazine (ed: Lynda Snell) didn’t receive any pro-GM articles when it published Janet’s anti article a few months ago, Debbie offers to right the balance.
  • Jack’s continuing to clear out/stroll down memory lane with his boxes of assorted papers from down the years, meanwhile Peggy reminds him that he was meant to be taking her shopping! He was all set to leave when Lynda arrives with a fax – the latest possible replacement for George has turned down the job offer so Jack’s still keeper-less for the Grey Gables shoot.
  • Brian’s picking up some supplies that Phil had bought for him and is glad to know that he’s not a total pyriah, but it’s clear that the sea of anti-GM feeling is in danger of drowning him – fortunately a life-belt arrives in the shape of Debbie, after weeks of Tommy, it seems that the Archers’ balance starts here!
  • Phil calls on his sister, initially to ask if they’d heard from Shula (Pip’s received a postcard from Daniel extolling French hot chocolate, but no other words) , but he’s really after a chat. He’s concerned about the housing situation and Chris reminds him that 30 years ago he was in exactly the same situation with Dan and Doris and his young family shoe-horned into Hollowtree. He can empathise with David and Ruth, but Jill’s not ready to give up the large house yet.