Jill convinces Elizabeth to let the children attend the funeral and Kenton agrees to speak.

Radio Times: Jill reveals a surprising secret and Kenton steps into the breach.

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  • Kenton is a bit upset that he hasn’t been asked to speak. He thinks it’s because Elizabeth doesn’t think he is reliable. If Kenton had spoken he’d have spoken about how funny he was – he’d have laughed so much at Jim finding out about druid rituals so Joe can dress up as a druid priest to sell his mistletoe. They are beginning to be able to smile at memories of Nigel.
  • Lewis is trying to teach David the ropes of organising weddings. Lewis knows how to do it but David won’t let him. David thinks he can magically get it right.
  • Helen visits Elizabeth who is glad to see her. It’s good to see someone so happy.
  • Shula is worried that Elizabeth isn’t really thinking about the children’s entrance exams. She needs to focus on it to make sure the make the right decision.
  • Jill finally tells Elizabeth that the reason she is so upset about the children is because she wasn’t allowed to go her mother’s funeral when she was 7. It made her think people who loved her just disappeared without explanation. It was only because Phil loved her that she could begin to trust again and to forgive her mother for abandoning her. Jill breaks down but it makes Lizzie understand and agrees the children will go. She can’t risk speaking though because she mustn’t break down for the children. But Kenton instantly agrees to take her place.

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