Jill is getting very suspicious about Vicky’s entry for the Versatile Bee class at the Flower and Produce show.

Radio Times: Wayne reaps what he sows at The Bull.

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  • Sid has been trying to find half way house type of accommodation for Wayne. Jill might be able to ask but her contacts are likely to be too expensive. She is very sympathetic which helps Sid feel a little better.
  • Vicky seems to be settling into village life and asks for help from Jill in the Versatile Bee Category. That doesn’t appear to enthuse Jill.
  • Vicky has accepted the offer on the flat so Mike can move ahead with the extra cows and she can move ahead with the garden. Mike, though, is still feeling rather uncomfortable over the dinner party with Lynda and Robert. She has had an idea for the Versatile Bee entry though – all she needs is a photograph of a rustic hive and so Mike will be able to take a picture of one of Jill’s hives won’t he…..
  • Wayne tries to persuade Fallon to get Sid to let him stay but she is determined it is none of her business. If Sid wants him to go he should go. She lets him know he did nothing for her as a kid and sees know reason to do anything for him now. Why should she help him, he has never helped her. Wayne says her really wants a fresh start but Fallon won’t hold her breath.
  • Mike, of course, is caught taking the photo and persuades Jill that it’s a kindness since she must know what it’s like being an incomer too. But Jill sounds less than pleased at the idea of Vicky’s entry.

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