Matt is charged but Lilian helps him out when he is drunk and he admits he has missed her.

Radio Times: Reality bites for The Ambridge Fraudster.

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  • Matt is finally charged with being in breach of the Fraud Act Section 2. He remains on bail though. After the charge, Matt is very shocked to learn that the maximum sentence is 10 years. Matt won’t listen to hearing that that is the maximum sentence and won’t apply since he has cooperated with the SFO and just takes off.
  • Lilian isn’t up to much and tries to encourage Jolene to go to Grey Gables but she is too busy so Lilian goes on her own. Jolene is struggling with keeping Wayne cheerful as well as everything else. He is so upset about Fallon telling him he has never been any sort of father. The worst thing is, Fallon was right. He was never around. But she was wrong about one thing. He had been to hear her play. 2 concerts. Despite everything he’d like to be part of her life. One day maybe she will trust him. Jolene gives him a hug and maybe he reads a bit more into it so
  • Matt ends up at Grey Gables and gets drunk. Roy refuses to serve him and then won’t give him car keys back to drive to the Bull. Lilian, of course, bumps into him as things start to get rough and says she will look after him and ends up taking him back to the Dower House, where half conscious he tells her he missed her.

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