Matt says Lilian is all that is keeping him going and they get back together.

Radio Times: Matt finds all is not lost with Lilian.

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  • Lynda is still determined to oppose the planning permission at Home Farm but Jennifer is trying not to get involved. She isn’t easily distracted with talk of the Versatile Bee class either. She reminds of the march against the last attempt of the estate to stop their plans – and they won!
  • Lilian has stayed over at the Dower House. Matt explains exactly why he had got so drunk. Lilian is devastated. She does try to convince him 10 years is most unlikely but he thinks Chalkman may have stitched him up. They start to say their goodbyes but Matt finally manages to say that the thought of her is the only thing that has kept him going. He knows he can’t ask to stand by her while he is in prison but she doesn’t agree. He needs her and asks her to come back to him and she agrees.

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