Jill tries to mend fences at Brookfield. Daniel mends fences for pigs. Susan mends fences for Emma.

Radio Times: Jill hits a raw nerve.

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  • Neil discovers that a sow has broken down the fence, but is helped once again by Daniel, who shows a natural gift for animal husbandry. Neil is impressed, and agrees to let him come and help at weekends
  • As it’s Stir-up Sunday, Jill brings the Brookfield trio to Glebe Cottage to help make the Christmas puddings. The boys soon tire of this, and leave Pip to talk to Jill. Jill is horrified to learn that they’ve had no proper breakfast, and concerned when Pip tells her that Ruth and David won’t tell them the truth about Sam’s departure. Pip says she’d like to leave home, too.
  • Susan is amused to hear about Daniel’s way with pigs. She thinks Shula might have grander schemes for him. Emma has suggested asking Will round on Christmas Day. It won’t be easy for him at the Grundy’s, with Ed there, and anyway, he’d like to be with George. Neil is all for it. Susan is just worried that it might upset Clarrie, just when things have been so much better between them.
  • Jill broaches the subject of matters at Brookfield with Phil. She’s desperately worried, and it’s causing her to be uncharacteristically snappy. When it’s time to take the children back, she decides to talk to David. He won’t be drawn, but is clearly very upset, and when Jill asks about Sam, David seems close to breaking point. So, says, Jill, Sam was the problem. Yes, says David, he was, but he’s gone now.

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