Ruth is at breaking point. Brian makes life difficult for Adam.

Radio Times: Brian shows his true colours (again!).

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  • Adam’s surprised to find Ian at Home Farm, heating some soup for Adam’s lunch. Ian’s too busy to have any; he’s off to make more wedding arrangements. When Adam suggests Kenya for the honeymoon, Ian’s all for it. The only difficulty will be finding a date that suits them both.
  • Ruth meets Usha at Jaxx, and tells her how awful things are at Brookfield. She can’t think how to put her mother off this Christmas, and as things are, she just can’t have her in the house. Usha makes consoling noises, and does her best to keep Kenton occupied elsewhere.
  • Brian’s mood is not helped by a message from Lynda, summoning him to rehearsal. Brian isn’t going, though, he’s got a much better offer. When Adam talks to him about the wedding, Brian seizes the moment and tells him he can’t be there. He makes some lame and transparent excuses, which really hurt Adam. Finally he says a January honeymoon is impossible; Adam will be needed for lambing.
  • Usha is shocked when Ruth tells her about the tree house, then Ruth says she’s ruined everyone’s life, hers, David’s and the children’s. She runs out in tears, straight into Ian. Now it will be all over Ambridge. Usha points out that Ian isn’t like that; he won’t gossip.
  • Ian annoys Kenton by asking for a Tom Archer sausage sandwich. When Usha comes back to claim the baguette she left behind in her pursuit of Ruth, Ian asks if Ruth is all right. Kenton picks up on this, but his only comment is that his worthless brother ought to look after her better.

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