Jim comes to the Grundy rescue. Lilian continues to size up the opposition.

Radio Times: Joe and Eddie get stuffed.

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  • Joe and Eddie get stuck in to stuffing manufacture, but then discover that there is no room in the freezer. Joe is anxious to get off to see Nigel’s new Shire horse and to have coffee with Jim, but Eddie makes him go round to Lynda’s to ask for space in her freezer.
  • Matt’s tetchy because he can’t get through to Annabel. When he does succeed, she can’t get a word in edgeways. Eventually she manages to persuade him not to leap into litigation. She will look at the environmental impact report and they can take it from there.
  • Eddie softens Lynda up by offering to supply free holly and mistletoe for the concert. He ignores Joe’s splutterings of indignation, but is then told that Lynda’s freezer is also full – and he still has to deliver the free holly.
  • Matt takes Lilian out to lunch, where she is less than pleased at his jibes about her weight. Jennifer stops by for a drink, and while Matt is at the bar, Lilian fills her in on the drinks party and her increased anxieties about Annabel.
  • Joe manages to escape to Jim’s, where the Professor blithely gives half the contents of the freezer to Joe for the pigs, and tops it up with the stuffing. It looks as though the Grundy luck has returned.

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