Nic makes a new start. Lilian meets the opposition.

Radio Times: Lilian checks out the competition.

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  • Will arrives early at Nic’s, wanting to know what decision she’s come too. Nic seems reluctant to commit herself – it’s such a big step. When Will tells her he’s been thinking about asking her to move in for months, Nic seems happier, and accepts the offer. Will is delighted to think there will be a real family at Casa Nueva.
  • Lilian gatecrashes Matt’s drinks party, and finds him deep in conversation with Annabel. Lilian introduces herself as Matt’s life partner, and proceeds to tell Annabel all about Matt’s marriage. Lilian makes sure Annabel realises that she and Matt are soul mates.
  • Nigel has been called as a witness at Owen’s trial, as have several other Ambridgeites, though not Elizabeth. They are pleased that Kathy seems so much better after her trip to Vienna, and is even going to help Lynda with the concert.
  • Lilian tries to make Annabel reveal details of her personal life, but Annabel is too shrewd for that, and leaves Lilian guessing. Matt, meanwhile is furious; Great Crested Newts seem set to threaten his proposed housing development. He and Annabel need to get together on this one.
  • Nic and the children arrive in their new home. Nic is thrilled. It will be the best Christmas ever.

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