Jim fails to convince Kathy of Kenton’s qualities. Fallon has her doubts about Wayne’s qualities.

Radio Times: Jim’s charms don’t wash with Kathy.

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  • Wayne has settled well at Neville Booth’s, especially now his record collection is properly sorted out. Fallon tells him that the acoustic guitarist booked for Thursday at the Bull has cut his finger and can’t play. Wayne offers a Blues and Jazz DJ evening instead. Fallon’s not sure and hedges.
  • Ed goes to see Brian, and tells him they’ll take the land. Ed asks about winter sowing the pasture, so that it will be ready for the start of the tenancy in January. Brian’s all for it, so all that remains now is for the tenancy agreement to be drawn up.
  • At the Bull, Jim says he’ll definitely come to hear Wayne. Jazzer doesn’t share his enthusiasm, however. He and Fallon are going into Borchester for the evening, but need to avoid the Fleece, owing to the presence there of the husband of one of Jazzer’s lady friends.
  • Jim takes Kenton and Kathy to a new bar, and tries hard to persuade Kathy that Kenton would be the perfect bar owner. Jim’s ultra-smooth technique doesn’t wash with Kathy, though, and she’s even more convinced when Kenton tries to borrow money from her.

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