Joe disappears and Clarrie is very worried.

Radio Times: Joe takes action.

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  • The lift’s broken at Meadow rise and Eddie and Clarrie are struggling to walk the stairs. She’s come bearing gifts for Edward and Joe, sorry for the bust up last night. Conciliation quickly turns to consternation as they discover Joe is not to be found, save only for a note saying simple “sorry” ….
  • Pat and Helen have been interviewing prospective shop employees and they have settled on two: Peter and Anya, both young and keen. It’s only three weeks until they open and there is still much to do. As she and Tony are driving back to Bridge Farm, they spot Eddie near Grange Farm, but they just chalk it up as connected to another Grundy scam. After all, they might be down, but the Grundys always find a way up again.
  • Up would be a welcome relief for Clarrie. She’s blaming herself for Joe’s disappearance. Eddie’s searched Grange Farm to no avail – although one clue. There are fresh flowers on Susan’s grave, so he’s been there at some point today. They continue the search – and Clarrie wants to bring in the police.