The search is extensive – and successful. But is it too late?

Radio Times: Meg proves her worth.

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  • The police have been contacted, Janet mentioned it in church this morning, Caroline’s asked Grey Gables’ guests to keep an eye out and it seems most of the village is out searching. Bert seems to catch the mood of the community – feeling bad about not having visited Joe in Borchester and only too keen to help in the manhunt.
  • They’ve searched everywhere – all the normal haunts like down by the river or up on Heydon Rise. The dogs are helping – Tess and Meg trying to earn their keep. Tony reminds them that Joe’s from the old school, he’s got as much country and land knowledge as anyone in the village and will know how to survive in the countryside.
  • Both Eddie and Clarrie are beating themselves up, racked with guilt and worry. He’s an old man, vulnerable in the open and, more importantly, not the same person who left Ambridge a few short weeks ago.
  • While searching, Meg, William’s dog, runs off toward Grange Farm. William’s chasing her – he wants to search elsewhere, Grange Farm’s been thoroughly covered … but not that thoroughly. He comes across his Grandad, still alive, but unconscious. William digs out his mobile and he calls, panic-stricken, his dad begging him to get an ambulance up to their top field as Joe’s there, but he might be dying ….