Joe’s not doing so well in hospital and David’s thinking about the future.

Radio Times: Greg plays the old soldier.

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  • Everyone is thinking of him, but the news from the hospital is not encouraging – Joe was badly dehydrated and had mild hypothermia. William’s taking none of the credit for finding him – it was all Meg! Greg agrees that sometimes dogs display more inteligence than they’re given credit for, and remembers one in particular belonging to an old boss. Such reminiscences seem to soften him … but while Greg’s happy to give him time off to visit Joe – he’ll not have any to go to the upcoming Game Fair. It’s all about paying your dues!
  • Bert’s trying to drum up support but Jill (on behalf of the whole clan) isn’t so keen on signing up for the day trip Blackpool. (Later, David and Ruth concur.)
  • David offers to pack all the lambs off to market all on his own to let Ruth spend some time with her mum, although Ruth is grateful, she thinks that her mum would prefer to watch the tennis undisturbed!
  • Pip’s school are seeking contributions to pay for a centenary mosiac – due to be unveiled next year. They’re happy to pay, but next year seems a long way away and David seems to be miles away when considering it.