Joe’s come round but is still ill and Kathy’s no nearer deciding what to do about Sid.

Radio Times: Pat offers tea and sympathy.

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  • Betty wants to confirm that she can be late for her shift at The Bull tomorrow (so as to be at Phoebe’s birthday party … Kate has remembered to send a present). She’s covering for Clarrie who’ll be at Joe’s bedside. Sid thinks that will be ok, but Kathy seems totally disinterested in the matter. Later, she snaps at him to just deal with it and stomps off when he asks about going to nets tomorrow, too – telling him that he can can take the whole day off for all she cares, indeed, why doesn’t he move in with Jolene?!
  • Eddie and Clarrie are with Joe, who’s very poorly – they really are very worried. Eddie’s hoping that he’s displaying some of his natural stubborness. They’re talking to him, but he’s not responding much, they talk about how he’s in the whole village’s thoughts and he starts to cough a little and tries to talk. Eventually a few words creep out – he wants to know if it’s his turn to do the milking.
  • Kathy visits Pat for a chat and some advice. She’s at sixes and sevens and is struggling to cope. It’s getting no easier for her – not least her feelings change from one moment to the next, from wanting to fight for the marriage to not standing the sight of Sid. She can see her life changing without him – without the Bull – and she remembers the effort they put in to mend things after her affair with Dave Barry. She just doesn’t know if it will work – trust is needed for it to work and can she ever really trust him again?