Phil and David share a heart to heart, as does Sid with Tony …

Radio Times: Phil remembers the old trout.

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  • Ruth’s helping David prepare to spring clean the milking parlour and Phil’s trying to take some of the heavy work from her shoulders – but she politely ignores/refuses the help. Jill suggests to Phil that while Ruth seems to be coping (with the stout support of Heather’s continued presence) David might need an outlet? Phil’s not sure he’s up to that job, but Jill reminds him that he, more than most, might be able to shed light on losing a spouse and David’s worries.
  • Neil is photographed guarding the strawberries from the badgers for the paper.
  • William’s fishing in the Am and Phil passes on some words of yore – the kind that Joe would be able to deliver. At least one thing’s happened, William admits, they’ve stopped squabbling and are coming together!
  • At nets Sid is being a little severe with catching practice, he offloads on a slightly unwilling Tony, who’s trying to dodge the requests for advice. In the end he delivers an equivocal “these situations aren’t easy” which satisfies Sid!
  • Phil opens up to David about how he knows some of what David’s going through, despite his stoic avoidance. He promises him that he would do anything to spare him the pain, but David admits that work allows him to keep his mind off it. They’re both tearful, but reiterating the support – the family pulling together in a crisis.