Eddie promises Joe that they’ll take him home to Ambridge and Brian praises William.

Radio Times: Eddie promises the earth.

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  • Brian and William chat while William’s working – Brian’s happy with William’s work (and mentions that Greg is happy too, although William was worried that his comment about not being allowed the time off for the Game Fair shouldn’t be misconstrued). William does tell him about his favourite fishing spot and later Brian tells Jennifer that he thinks that spot is on estate land and wants to clarify their rights to it.
  • Apparently Kate rang Phoebe on her birthday yesterday, although there’s little news about where she is. Jennifer was a little sniffy about the party, unsure that the Tuckers really pass muster.
  • Tony’s a little unsure about his new real as Sid’s agony uncle, but Sid still seems to want to talk. Pat’s sure that his input is doing some good, even if Tony’s not convinced that he’s any good.
  • Eddie and Edward visit Joe (although Edward’s obviously there under duress). There are plenty of cards and good wishes and Joe is improving. Edward, more blunt than the rest of his family, asks Joe where he went during the time he was missing. He doesn’t really know but knows he did a lot of walking. He was walking home, it wasn’t the arguing of the previous few weeks, he was heading home. Eddie promises him that when he leaves hospital they’ll take him home to Ambridge.