Kathy’s decided that she’s prepared to work at the marriage and Ruth tells Usha her news.

Radio Times: Kathy makes her decision.

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  • It’s busy in the shop as Usha pops in for a paper and Susan shows off the picture of Neil protecting the strawberries to her and Kathy. Then Lynda comes in for some wind chimes – Robert’s broken a mirror and she’s in dire need of an emergency negative chi deflector. Susan goes into the stock room to see what she can find. Ruth arrives for a couple of tins of beans and has the exact change. Everyone’s happy for her to move to the front of the queue – but Susan has a go at her on her return, ranting that she can’t walk over everyone like she did Neil. Ruth’s apologises quietly and just leaves, Usha follows her out and tells her to ignore the outburst, and when she asks what is wrong, Ruth asks if she really wants to know?
  • Sid’s trying to move his chest of drawers into the spare room, but Kathy wants to talk. She’s clear now in her mind what she wants. They can’t drift along any more and thirteen years is a lot of time to throw away and she’s prepared to work at it. He professes to being sure that’s what he wants too. She’s not convinced she can trust him, but he’ll work on it. And the chest of drawers can stay, after all separate rooms is hardly going to help.
  • Usha becomes the first person outside the family to learn the news and Ruth unburdens her worries. While she appreciates that the family are being wonderful, sometimes the walking on egg shells gets to her. She’s so scared about the cancer and next Friday’s operation but there’s one thing that really spins around her head at night. Her children. She just breaks apart as she talks about not being able to bear the idea of not being there for them and what will they do if their mum leaves them?