Ruth’s getting a few things cleared up and Eddie’s struggling to keep his promise to his father.

Radio Times: Eddie is homeward bound

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  • David’s working hard – although not as hard as Ruth, who’s buzzing around trying to get lots of little jobs cleared. As David said to a slightly concerned Jill, it’s better than moping around. Ruth wouldn’t mind taking a professional visit to Usha, although is keen to stress that getting her will up-to-date isn’t defeatism, just caution.
  • The PYO is turning good business – the badger-related publicity has certainly helped.
  • Eddie’s trying to follow through on his promise to Joe, but there doesn’t seem to be any property in the village (even Rickyard Cottage – the Brookfield B&B) is fully booked until the end of the summer. He even asks Neil if there’s any chance of renting some land from him maybe for a small amount of stock, although that doesn’t seem like a viable plan.