Kathy still can’t bring herself to trust Sid and Joe’s looking forward to going home to Ambridge.

Radio Times: Where is Sid?

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  • Sid and Kathy are both being extra careful to be extra nice, but it’s not really working. They agree that things have to be seen to be normal (and they’re both sure that Jamie’s birthday party in a couple of weeks has to be a good one). Kathy sends him off to the gym and expects him back at a reasonable time ….
  • Clarrie’s concerned that Eddie’s promise is giving Joe false hope and, from his comments to visitors (Lizzie, for example) that he’s taken it to heart and is very keen on the idea. He is still feeling rough, but he is looking forward to going home to Ambridge – despite Clarrie tempering his hopes.
  • Sid pops in to visit Joe (and the phone chews his last 10p so he’s unable to tell Kathy), but he does cross paths with Lizzie and Clarrie.
  • Pat calls on Kathy to see how she’s coping (having heard from Clarrie that the atmosphere isn’t wonderful) and finds that she’s not coping with Sid being late. The trust just isn’t there as while she’s sure there’s a reasonable explanation she is quick to jump to conclusions. When he arrives back and explains (even citing his witnesses), she’s not effusive in believing him ….