Jennifer’s not keen on letting Kate’s cottage to the Grundys and Jolene’s not taking the break-up very well.

Radio Times: Dependence Day for Jolene

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  • Jill mentions to Jennifer that she would like to help the Grundys but Rickyard Cottage is fully booked, Jennifer agrees with regard to her own bed and breakfast cottages, too. Only later she mentions to Brian that she wishes there was more people could do, there’s plenty of sympathy and not much action … only when Brian suggests Kate’s cottage, Jennifer’s decries any action there.
  • Lynda’s been digging up plants from her garden which are of the wrong colour, delivering them to Jennifer who has suitable positions in her garden for their negative chi management. Although Brian’s with Robert on this score, suggesting that the chaos created by the moves outweighs the positive benefits to the yin and yang.
  • At the hospital Jolene gives Eddie an earful for telling Kathy, he apologises and explains that it was an accident. She’s not taken the break-up very well and blames Kathy completely, accusing her of using Jamie as a means to keep Sid in a loveless marriage to protect her life at the pub.
  • Brian mentions to Greg that William had mentioned to him that he wouldn’t be going to the game fair, Greg in turn suggests to William that he is William’s boss and while he’s happy with his work, he demands loyalty and doesn’t like being made to look a fool in front of his boss. William’s a little sheepish by the dressing down.