Eddie’s on the look out for land, William defends Greg and Usha is helping Ruth prepare for the op.

Radio Times: Revealed – Shula’s past caring

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  • Shula’s a little nervous – the social worker is visiting again, but this time it’s a one-on-one without the backup of Alistair being there too. After the event, she’s a little concerned. She was asked about her personal history – before Alistair – and not just Mark. She mentioned Richard and while Alistair can’t see the relevance, she is worried about it, although Jill’s advised calm!
  • Eddie’s sniffing about the estate asking questions about an empty bit of land, William asks but isn’t told why … Brian arrives and points out a problem with the birds, a problem that seems to have been Greg’s fault, but William covers for him and, when asked why by his incredulous Dad, explains about loyalty …
  • Ruth and David go to meet Usha, and then Ruth and Usha go shopping to buy her some nighties ahead of her going into hospital tomorrow. Ruth experiences a bit of a gloomy moment when looking at some particularly nice (if expensive) ones – why bother? But Usha convinces her that if she feels good, that will help her get better! They return to Brookfield later (overlapping with Shula, a “nice” politely tense moment between Usha and Shula). Usha gives Ruth a present of some expensive soap and almost orders her friend to hang in there because everything will be fine!