Ruth’s apprenhensive and it’s last order at the Cat and Fiddle.

Radio Times: Sean puts the Cat out

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  • Hayley’s helping Mike at the strawberries, waiting nervously for Roy to arrive – he’s finding out his degree result today. He arrives back and is playfully quiet before revealing that he’s been awarded a 2:i – he’s over the moon.
  • General packing at the bungalow as the kids are off to stay with their grandparents and Ruth continues to fret about her life after the op. David’s trying to re-assure her that she’ll still be the mum and wife that her family love … she’s not so sure the physical changes won’t affect people more strongly.
  • It’s a sad day as the Cat and Fiddle as Sean calls last orders for the last time, he and Peter are off to Devon to run a restaurant and it’s the end of an era. Eddie, ever the optimist, even asks whether it will be up to let soon (its licence will not be renewed apparently).