Sid visits Jolene to tell her about his problems, while Ruth goes into hospital to remove her biggest one.

Radio Times: Ruth goes under

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  • Sid calls on Jolene and they go for a walk – avoiding the temptation of staying in the house. He tells how Kathy no longer trusts him (the irony of him telling this to Jolene seems lost on him). He regrets the mess they find themselves in and although he seems to be angling toward making another go of it with Kathy, he still has feelings for Jolene – feelings that are obviously reciprocated. Life with Kathy is polite, but strained – and he doesn’t know what to do for the best.
  • Ruth goes in to hospital, after some last minute quesions of Sonia, the breast care nurse, she and david are left alone for an hour before being knocked out and going into theatre. She’s going to be kept in for up to a week and then off work for a few more. The kids are staying at the farmhouse and she asks David to start a new story with Pip – she wants to continue with the current one when she gets out. As she waits, while David’s calming, she gets more and more wound up, the worries spilling out. Nothing else matters than her recovery – she’s very worried about not seeing her kids grow up and not growing old with her husband, but belief is everything and David’s being confident.