Ruth comes round, but it’s too soon to tell and Eddie’s jacket is full of money!

Radio Times: It’s not an end, but a beginning.

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  • Ruth’s feeling groggy – hardly surprised with all the tubes and drugs – and David and her mother are visiting are comforting. She’s still all over the place, mentally, but her mother counsels her to be strong and that her family love her more than anything and she’ll pull through stronger than ever.
  • Busy times at Bridge Farm as they rush to get everything prepared for the shop – which they take over next Monday, but will the shop-fitters have enough time? News of Ruth is no longer secret and people are wishing her well.
  • Eddie was late home last night and, coincidentally, leaves his jacket with Clarrie to go to Hollerton for “some business”. Clarrie goes into it for some change and finds more cash than she thought should be there ….