Ruth’s slowing on the mend and Sid and Kathy are finding it hard work.

Radio Times: Sid and Kathy play happy families.

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  • Sid’s on the phone (although no-one’s answering) although when Kathy comes into the room he hurriedly hangs up. Caroline has popped in to visit, suggesting that now the Cat has closed they might need a strategy to pick up the slack. Sid and Kathy apologise, in mumbling, general terms, for their lack of attention recently … but they’re sure that’s all behind them. Although whether this was to convince Caroline or themselves is unclear.
  • The kids, the in-laws and David all crowd around Ruth, who is pleased to see them all, but is still feeling decidedly delicate and she tires quickly. David’s not so sure that she’s coping as well as she’s acting – the depth of it all is only just sinking in and, much as Jill tries to tell him he isn’t, he feels useless to help.
  • Roy’s looking for work – although his newly-minted degree doesn’t get him very far considering he wants to stay local to look after Phoebe. He is also limping having knocked his leg against a palm tree that’s been moved in the Grey Gables lobby. Whoever could have done that?
  • In a toy shop in Borchester Kathy and Sid are looking for a present for Jamie. Also there is Roy buying Phoebe a bucket and spade for the forthcoming village trip to Blackpool. Kathy suggests that that might be a good idea for them as a family, Sid jumps on the idea as a great family day out, although his words seem (at first at least) more enthusiastic than his tone. All this repairing the marriage seems like hard work.