Joe doesn’t want to go into a home and more Feng Shui happenings at Grey Gables

Radio Times: The happy couple returns.

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  • More strange happenings at Grey Gables, some windchimes on the terrace and Jack’s noticed that the reception seems somehow moved … Caroline promises to investigate.
  • Debbie’s returned from her holiday to Canada to visit Simon’s family – she had a wonderful time. Jack and Peggy are looking forward to a trip to London next week to celebrate his birthday.
  • Joe’s allowed up and about – even to walk in the hospital’s grounds, he might be fit enough to be discharged soon, but Clarrie mentions to Eddie that the nurse doesn’t think that Joe should be released to spend too much time on his own, mentioning a home? Clarrie’s opposed to the idea, but not as vehemently as Eddie and Joe. Eddie’s still promising to move them all back to Ambridge – although is no firmer on the details. (Clarrie also mentioned the money in his jacket the other day – he was decidedly evasive in his response.)