Fancy meeting you hear…

Radio Times: Fancy meeting you hear…

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  • Brian mentions to Greg about the heaters for the birds last week – of course, Greg knows nothing about it and William brushes it off … later Greg asks Brian about it and realises when it was with Brian talking about his dependable assistant (without knowing the half of it). Earlier he offered William free use of a stretch of the river where the estate holds and might exploit some fishing rights.
  • Brian lends Debbie a hand with the combine, and causes a bit of a hold-up in the road in the process. (Not that Debbie enjoyed seeing Brian struggle with the machine!) In the traffic queue are, coincidentally, Sid and Jolene. He tries to ask her why she’s not been returning his calls as he wants to talk to her, but she’s obviously upset and doesn’t really want to talk to him. Later he tries to call her from the phone box, so be frustrated by her answering machine again … he’s sounding desperate.
  • There’s been evidence of some night-time visitors around the bird pens and William thinks that it might be his father – what with his large amount of cash at the weekend and his excuses to Clarrie, it sounds plausible. He confronts him, although Eddie denies it and still thinks that he might be able to arrange accomodation for the family in Ambridge.