Ruth’s leaving tomorrow, but is a little nervous and Sid’s being even more two-faced than he ever was.

Radio Times: Ruth is anything but comfy.

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  • David’s mind is pre-occupied (as Mike had just highlighted something with the herd), he’s also a little conscious of Phil trying a little too hard. He’d like to contact Eddie to offer some work – but Eddie’s not been at home much this week. Hayley drops the kids off (she’d collected them from school) and offers to take them to Blackpool, they had seemed disappointed not to be going. David thinks it’s a great idea, but it’s unclear what Roy will say!
  • Sonia, her nurse is praising her progress, but Ruth still feels sore. She’s also less than comfortable when introduced to her “comfy” to still over the would and pad her bra – almost denying it?
  • Roy’s looking for jobs – and has found one advertised in Felpersham – and isn’t so taken aback by having extra kids to look after. Mike hasn’t planned much for Betty’s 50th birthday – on the same day as the Queen Mum, only half her age …
  • Sid’s making a tape for Jamie’s birthday and tells Kathy, as it’s quiet, to maybe take a bath. He says he’s looking forward to their family day out in Blackpool, but inwardly it seems so different, mournfully switching the tape to “You’re Still The One (I Run To)” by Shania Twain when Kathy’s left the room … (for the uninitiated, a country singer, that Jolene has played a lot of …)
  • David visits and is delighted when Sonia tells them that, all being well, Ruth will be discharged tomorrow. Ruth’s a little less convinced, really hoping that life on the outside won’t have changed too much.