Ruth’s home from hospital and the Grundys move into their new abode “in” the village, too.

Radio Times: Two very different homecomings.

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  • Eddie turns up at Bridge Farm – not to see Clarrie, though, but to root around in the shed that Pat and Tony had let them store the items from Grange Farm that didn’t get sold at the auction. Clarrie’s a little confused – what does he want with garden furniture?
  • Ruth’s home from hospital and everyone is pleased to see her. Her mother is doing a sterling job in helping and promises that she’ll get all the help she needs to recouperate and the kids are especially pleased. David has missed her and promises that this is where things will start to improve!
  • Eddie arrives at the hospital to surreptiously discharge Joe. They’re going home – but not to Meadow Rise nor to put Joe in a home …
  • Later, Eddie’s driving Clarrie home and while she’s talking about Edward and his current grumpy phase, it takes her a while to notice that they’re not on the Borchester road, but in the woods … they happen across a clearing, with a caravan. Apparently it’s the best Eddie could afford, with four beds, a shower and a gas stove. Joe’s already there and is happy to be able to breathe fresh air and to be home in Ambridge. It’s not clear where they are, but Eddie’s not going to be thrown off this bit of land in a hurry!