The Grundy caravan is discovered and Ruth’s recouperation is going to be a slow process.

Radio Times: It’s early days for Ruth.

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  • Greg and William are out and about on the estate when William notices the caravan. As they’re approaching it, they’re moaning about travellers and hippies and spot someone outside having a kip … as they get nearer William emits a distressed “Oh, no!” as he recognises his grand-father’s form before Greg does! Eddie’s not looking for an argument, but neither is he planning on moving. As Joe give Greg the guided tour, Eddie tells his son in no uncertain terms that they’re not budging.
  • Ruth seems to be in a cheerful mood as Usha pays her a visit. The family are rallying round and she’s feeling better for being at home. When David heads out to tend to some farming tasks, she admits that she feels terrible, which is unsurprising. She delights in the few moments after waking when she can forget and she still can’t bring herself to look at the wound … and she’s not looking forward to her checkup on Tuesday when the subject of chemotherapy will be raised.
  • Greg has spoken to Brian, who will deal with the problem, and has reassured him that William had nothing to do with it and that his job is safe. You can’t choose your family, after all …