The Grundys are reasonably happy in their new abode and Caroline tells Williams she suspects Edward of a little petty theft.

Radio Times: Eddie is not budging.

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  • Lynda’s humming some Gilbert and Sullivan – all because she (amongst others) had been to a production-in-a-day over the weekend. While she’s not up to being part of an impromptu performance at Jack’s birthday drinks this afternoon, she’s not averse to the suggestion that maybe this year’s panto might be replaced by a G&S operetta. Lynda’s also been causing a little more feng shui related havoc and Caroline’s on the case …
  • William’s a little worried about some of the young birds and while discussing them Greg reassures him that Brian is convinced that William knew nothing about his father’s plans. Greg also thanks William for covering for him last week, relenting a little over not letting him go to the Game Fair … he can go next year (still not this year, though).
  • Clarrie’s not convinced that she can live in the caravan, but Eddie points at Joe and how perky he is now he’s back in Ambridge and she admits that it’s a pleasant change to Meadow Rise. Eddie’s also managed to rig the shower, although Clarrie can’t get it warm and manages to prance about with little on just as Brian’s paying them a house call. He’s impressed at how they’re taking the whole back to nature thing …. he’s also trying to impress on Eddie that they can’t stay where they are. It was Matt Crawford who was the force behind their eviction from Grange Farm and he’ll try to repeat it with this escapade.
  • At Jack’s drinks Caroline has a little word with William. She mentions that £50 has gone missing from her purse and William’s quick to add that 2 to the 2 that Edward was visiting last night and get 4 …. he angrily promises to have words with his little brother.