Ruth’s check-up goes well, the Blackpool trip is on the rocks and Kathy rebuffs Sid’s advances.

Radio Times: Sid makes advances.

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  • Brookfield is in mid-harvest, but a contractor has wrapped a bit of machinery around a tree so Mike’s taking advantage of the delay to head to the Bull to arrange a few details for a surprise party in aid of Betty’s birthday. Bert wants him to see if more people have signed up for Blackpool. Apparently at least one more person has – Edward Grundy – who paid in cash … Only when Mike returns Bert reveals that Alfie, his brother-in-law and coach driver to the Ambridge masses, has got a hernia and might not be able to drive them now!
  • Ruth’s having a follow-up meeting with the nurse. It is coming along well (and the exercises are helping to loosen it up) and the surgeon was pleased, but Ruth is a little nervous of the forthcoming chemotherapy. She had, mentally, only been preparing for the op, but it’s not all over – there’s four to five months of drugs to follow. But, underneath everything, she only has one question: will she be alright?
  • Kathy dug out a dressing up box from the cellar for Jamie’s party and she and Sid are goofing around with its contents. They end in a bit of clinch and Sid suggests that they retire upstairs for some afternoon delight … although Kathy’s not entirely taken with the idea, certainly not dragging him upstairs by his deerstalker and snorkel. She’s got phone calls to make, errands to run and is worried that Jamie (at tea with a friend) will be home soon. Sid is disappointed, but maybe admits that it’s not a good time for it. But will there ever be a good time for it?