Edward pays for his crime, Lynda’s re-arranging days are over and Jack and Peggy go up to London to see the Queen.

Radio Times: William lays down the law.

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  • Edward’s not convinced about the caravan, he’s the only Grundy who actively wants to be back in Meadow Rise, but Eddie and, especially, Clarrie would rather he be under their roof. He’s keen to go off and see Emma (a frequent occurence recently, we gather) but Eddie wants him to loiter a while to see his Grandad. Footsteps approach … but it’s William, come to almost forcibly fetch Edward for “tea” at the Dower House. Eddie’s pleased to see his sons getting on so well, missing the subtext that we get to chortle at.
  • Lynda was late for work (trying to convince Phil to play the piano for the Mikado at Christmas – not the best time to ask), nor is it the best time for her to be re-arranging all the furniture, bringing Feng Shui to Grey Gables. Carolione is adamant that, while “all the best hotels” do it, they won’t. She’s off home for some rest.
  • Jack and Peggy are in London to see the Queen: a few tourist sights and then some gushing praise for the Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday Pageant. It seemed like a topical insert – albeit with no mention of the bomb-induced public transport chaos that was affecting every other Londoner that day.
  • William forces Edward to return what’s left of Caroline’s £50 – about a fiver! He makes a few unsurprising “we’ve had a hard few weeks” excuses, which Caroline, slightly more surprisingly, buys. Although she doesn’t let him off scot-free, he will have to work off the debt doing odd jobs around the Dower House.