Jamie’s birthday party papers over the cracks and Ruth and David are struggling to cope.

Radio Times: Strained smiles at the Bull.

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  • It’s Jamie’s birthday party at the Bull and Kathy’s pulling out all the stops and trying very hard. Hayley’s helping and it seems to be going well. Hayley’s less sure about the weekend, though – she’s now going to be minding Daniel as well as Pip, Josh and Phoebe in Blackpool!
  • After the party, Sid’s clearing up … or rather listening to more wistful, Shania Twain, country songs. So when Kathy comes up to help and he has to go do another chore, their walking on eggshells around each other is becoming increasingly false and obvious. And she heard the music, too.
  • Jill’s having problems with her honey. She can’t call it organic unless her hives are 6 miles away from GM crops.
  • Sunday’s trip to Blackpool is still in doubt with Bert panicing about a driver.
  • Heather’s been marvellous with Ruth, who is getting stronger and less tired (at least during the day). She still can’t bring herself to look at the wound, though (nor even to let David). He’s trying hard, but even hugging him is uncomfortable.