The shop is going to have to go some to open on Monday and Ruth reveals all to Usha.

Radio Times: Ruth confides in Usha.

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  • It’s all go at the shop – although the fitters will have to work all weekend to be ready for Monday and some of their suppliers (particularly of the fresh produce) are having trouble meeting their orders. Tommy wants to believe in their philosophy of buying and supplying local produce, but it’s not proving as easy in practice as they might have hoped. Helen, though, will become manageress in style as she’s passed her exams with flying colours.
  • Bert’s solved their coach problems for Sunday – Marjorie passed on the details of Steve Appleby, driver for Borchester Rugby Club, one of the stars of Debbie’s hen night, so the trip to Blackpool is still on!
  • Usha (“working at home”) pays Ruth a visit. Ruth is still putting on a brave front and, when she admits that she’s still not taken a look at the wound, Usha offers to. It’s a very neat job, apparently, but still Ruth can’t face it. Times are easiest with others around – especially the kids – but David is the one she feels for. He couldn’t have been better to her, yet she feels she’s letting him down, keeping him at arm’s length.