Blackpool: Kathy rocks the boat and Roy asks Hayley to move in with in.

Radio Times: Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

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  • We’re on the bus to Blackpool and, with Peggy’s dark mutterings (which don’t improve when they arrive) it looks like it could be a long day for Jack. Meanwhile Jamie’s playing with some of her other charges, so Hayley offers to look after him, too – Sid and Kathy will have seom time to herself. Elsewhere, Edward’s trying hard (but getting nowhere) with Emma.
  • Disembarked, Peggy’s still not in wonderful mood, although the tram starts to bring back memories. Edward’s on a winning streak, winning on the coin-balancing game and even shooting enough ducks to win Emma a teddy! Sid remembers that his and Kathy’s first kiss was on a Big Dipper – but she doesn’t fancy going on this one. Hayley’s in her element looking after all the kids.
  • In the Tower Ballroom for a dance and the day’s winding up, Julia and Lewis dancing away where once her name was, allegedly, up in lights. Jack and Peggy are tripping around neatly, too. Meanwhile Roy asks Hayley to move in with him – their own place, just the three of them, though she asks for time to think about it. Not such a great day for Sid and Kathy, while dancing with two left feet he admits that this is not his kind of music, which is met by a knowing agreement. His mind seems elsewhere and Kathy knows it, wondering why they are even bothering any more – just what is the point?