Lizzie’s foot-stamping again, Jill confronts Brian and Kathy tells Sid that it’s all over.

Radio Times: Goodbye to love

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  • Nigel’s in the Bull trying to arrange some beer for an event at Lower Loxley, although Sid’s mind is on other matters and Nigel’s annoyed enough to suggest to Lizzie that they go to the landlord of the Crown in Penny Hassett.
  • Jill has a frosty word with Brian. As the GM saga rumbles on, her honey is unsaleable thanks to his GM crops, when he peels over a few notes from his wad to compensate her, she is not impressed – it’s about more than that.
  • It’s all go at Brookfield – at least that’s why Jill wants to duck out of helping at the fete and for Phil to avoid playing the piano for Lynda’s planned Christmas production of the Mikado. Jill thinks it might be a welcome distraction for them all.
  • Jill also manages to forget to ring Lizzie, who was miffed that her mum hadn’t remembered to ring her (as she promised she would when she rang off to catch Brian). She wanted to tell her about her appointment with her cardiologist, while she knows Ruth’s ill, she’s ill too!
  • Kathy has decided. She drops the bombshell on Sid that it’s all over. He’s surprisingly upset, apparently crying, but she’s seen the writing on the wall. It’s all over, while he might not understand, she thinks it’s the end.