Ruth and David are not coping so well and Kathy tells Pat that she’s leaving Sid.

Radio Times: Come on over to my place

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  • Ruth’s nervous ahead of another appointment this afternoon – her dressing is due to come off. David’s keen to help out, but she snaps at him for seeming a little too keen. Usha visits after Ruth has returned and offers to help her if she wants to look at the wound, now the bandages are removed – she’s still not looked at it. It’s obviously a nervous moment, but she manages it.
  • Kathy visits Pat and tells her that she’s intending to leave Sid, to move out and to, “of course”, take Jamie with her. She can’t stand the fact that Sid seems to be permanently thinking of “her”. Pat offers Kathy somewhere to stay – in the short term.
  • David’s working himself into the ground – something Phil points out that the farm can’t afford him to do. He returns to the bungalow and is pleased that this afternoon went well (and they apologise for their earlier row). But when he shows her a chart he’s found which maps out typical rates of recovery, she blows up again – she doesn’t want to map herself against a chart, she wants to recover at her own pace!