The Grundys are getting settled in the caravan, although Greg is not happy about it.

Radio Times: Struttin’ with some barbecue

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  • Eddie’s built a barbecue out of an old oil drum and is making heavy weather of it, eventually lots of lighter fluid means lots of flames and it seems to attract half the estate as first William, then Greg and eventually Brian turn up to admire the handiwork; William plans to go off to Borchester to watch a band, but offers instead to drop in on Edward – Clarrie’s worried about the flat, she’d dropped by earlier and it was full of hungover teenagers and party detritus – and angry neighbours fed up with the noise (he reports later as having warned him about future conduct …), Greg turns up to complain about the BBQ’s smoke – and warns Eddie about disturbing (or misappropriating) the birds, and Brian returns Joe to the fold having found him getting very upset in one of Grange Farm’s pastures as Debbie was ploughing a meadow that had been one of their best pieces of milk producing grassland.
  • Brian feels compassion for Joe, but won’t relent, but when Greg complains about the caravan still being there (and starting to look very homely) Brian says that he’s got the matter in hand and suggests that it’s not really Greg’s problem, is it?