The shop opens with, almost, no hitches and David confides in his sister that he might not be coping as well as he might.

Radio Times: It’s a family affair

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  • The shop is due for it’s major opening and, barring a few niggles, it manages it with a fair degree of aplomb (they’re missing some ham – which Pat buys in from Howard Friend, not something that Tony would like to repeat too often and Tommy suggests that he might diversify his pig operation in that direction). Pat tells Tommy how much she appreciates his and Helen’s hard work – she’s proud of both of them. Later, she says a few words in their official opening – toasting to the future of “Ambridge Organics.”
  • Peggy and Jack, the shop’s first customers, are picnicking on a day out on an old steam train and are discussing the village’s summer county fair – plenty of good ideas are planned, like old harvest games and, erm, 5-a-side football in the Am …
  • David calls on Shula for a shoulder – he’s finding the strain of caring for Ruth a little much. He’s worried that she doesn’t seem to be able to talk to him, but Shula re-assures, that maybe he’s too close? She remembers that during her infertility problems, Mark and she had some rough moments – just give time.