Kathy moves out, Hayley moves in and Roy moves up.

Radio Times: Another suitcase in another hall

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  • There’s been a bit of a SNAFU with bookings and Lynda was late for her shift, but Roy was able to cover for her, sorting it out quietly and efficiently. Caroline was not pleased with Lynda for her tardiness, but was very pleased with Roy’s calmness, offering him a bonus and, when prompted, agreeing that maybe some sort of trainee manager’s role might not be a bad idea.
  • Kathy’s packing her and Jamie’s things – Sid does not take this very well. Jamie thinks he’s going on holiday to Pat and Tony’s, but Kathy is definitely moving them out. Sid is desperately trying to change her mind. To no avail. He wants another chance, but she’s not in the mind for turning.
  • Hayley’s full of gossip and eventually Roy has to, cheerfully, demand to be heard. She’s pleased with the news and says that the extra money will come in handy if they’re all to live together as she, finally, says yes to his request of Sunday that they move in together!