Sid’s preoccupied with Kathy and Jamie, Robert tells Lynda of his frustration with Feng Shui.

Radio Times: Sid is alone.

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  • David tries to open to Heather, but she’s singing the same tune as Shula – just give Ruth time. It’s all about how Ruth feels she looks, not just if David doesn’t mind – he might be able to look beyond the wound, but she has to learn how to.
  • Sid and Tony are preparing for the cricket, with Sid’s mind on Jamie and the quiet house. Robert rolls up complaining about how he puts up with wifely problems, not realising his size tens are going straight into his mouth!
  • Over lunch Robert tries to tell Lynda about his frustration with her obsession will all thing Feng Shui … but she just puts it down to an imbalance of yin and yang and a lack of sprouted seeds in his diet ! (Something happens though, because he’s hitting the ball to all four corners later. Naturally, Lynda takes responsibility!)
  • Lynda catches Heather at the cricket – she appreciates that some doubt her sanity, but does suggest that massaging the would might not just be a crackpot theory, and could be something that David could do for Ruth.
  • Tony suggests that Sid might like to come visit at some point – to talk to Kathy on neutral territory. Sid reveals that he’s not spoken to Jolene in a fortnight either – she’s not returning his calls. What if he’s lost her too?