Mike’s lining up a great day for Betty’s 50th on Friday and David and Ruth still don’t see eye-to-eye.

Radio Times: Ruth is uncharacteristically tidy.

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  • Mike’s dismantling the PYO after a reasonable season, although Neil’s not sure that ploughing the field for something else might not be the better idea. Betty wonders whether she should book a table for her birthday, but Mike assures her that he’s got it all in hand. It improves when Brenda reveals that her boss, DJ Wayne Foley always has a birthday guest and Elizabeth on Friday has a topical ring to it! Mike promises to select the four favourite records that the guests normally select and spends the rest of day drawing up a very long shortlist!
  • Ruth started to try to clean out the kitchen, but tires quickly. David gets her to leave it and she tells him about her chemo appointment next week and David is determined to come with her.
  • Lynda’s pleased that Jill says that Phil might be interested in playing the piano for the Mikado and has some alternate ideas about persuasion that doesn’t require nagging …
  • Ruth is in the bathroom tidying up after Pip’s bath and is about to get in herself. David’s in to wash his hands and tries to talk her still hiding herself away, always dressing in the bathroom. He tries to convince her that he doesn’t mind her appearance, he loves her and wants to see her wound. She, though, reveals that he has it the wrong way round – she minds.