Joe has a cunning plan to prolong the life of his barn; Lilian seems to have Matt in tow.

Radio Times: Jennifer has an unwelcome guest.

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  • There’s a difference of opinion in the Grundy field: Eddie was expecting help to move straw bales out of the barn but Joe has negotiated with Tony for some silage to come in. Joe has promised to store some cattle in the barn for a friend; he figures that, as long as the barn is in use, they won’t enforce the order to demolish it.
  • Lilian is not an early riser and has not even had her first cigarette when Jennifer calls. She announces that she is making a new start, retiring to Ambridge, back to her roots. Retiring!? She doesn’t do anything! Anyway she is here for good, thanks to Matt Crawford. She invites herself to supper at Home Farm. Jennifer’s attempt to put it off until her birthday is deflected and, in the process, Lilian lets out the secret of Brian’s planned birthday treat at the Health Farm.
  • Eddie is worried that Joe’s behaviour is not just his stubborn streak but a sign that he is losing his grip.
  • Shopping for some fresh food, Jennifer passes on the news to her brother but Tony thinks that Ambridge will be too quiet for Lilian. He is certainly not thrilled at the prospect of having her so close.
  • The Grundys don’t mind though, especially if she continues to buy them drinks in The Bull. Clarrie has decided that, with her own experience of homelessness in mind, she will take part in the sleep-out; she will be looking for sponsors too.
  • At Home Farm, Lilian has no sooner apologised for putting her foot in it once, over the birthday secret, when she repeats the offence: she has invited a guest along and it’s the ever-popular Matt.

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