So far so good, Neil and Susan have the Tuckers’ approval for their self-build plans.

Radio Times: Amy takes a risk.

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  • When Adam calls at Brookfield to whisk David off to the Oxford conference he is not at his best; he had a late night with Lilian. Neither Jennifer or Brian were pleased to find Matt on their doorstep but fortunately he did not stay long. What is going on there? It seems more than a landlord/tenant relationship.
  • Susan has not slept, worrying whether Clive will turn up on her doorstep once he is released from prison; he is so erratic. Neil gives her something else to think about: they could afford to build a three or even a four bedroomed house. (That should give Susan all the status she needs!)
  • In the shop, Neil catches Mike and Betty together and invites them to The Bull this evening; there is something they want to discuss.
  • Over dinner, and with a less than clear head, David finds Adam quizzing him about Brian’s affair with Siobhán. These days he seems to be a model husband, especially since the accident. It would finish his mother if Siobhán ever came back. When Ruth calls to report on the day, David is ‘saved by the bell’.
  • Neil and Susan soon get to the point and the reaction is predictable: Betty is all for it and keen to have the Carters as neighbours, ‘misery Mike’ worries about noise, where it will be, what style it will be, Neil’s competence etc. As usual Betty wins him round. Now there is just the little matter of planning permission.
  • Amy has decided she must do something about Luke, so she enlists Alice’s help; tomorrow they will scour Felpersham, starting with the Big Issue sellers. But it’s a secret – not a word to anyone.

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