Joe is finally trapped into agreeing to buy the bench for the churchyard.

Radio Times: Fallon meets the new boy in town, and Oliver ensures that Joe pays his dues.

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  • Fallon isn’t impressed that Kenton has been poaching his staff but she’ll cope. Harry also turns up in the Bull. Fallon tries to persuade him to enter the single wicket competition but Jazzer makes out he isn’t eligible. Jazzer is even less impressed that Fallon seems to like him.
  • Joe gets to hear that Oliver has stitched him up over the auction. But he still fights it to the end claiming he doesn’t know how much money there will be left over. Oliver is sure there will be enough. He’ll even say he’ll help Joe choose the bench!
  • Kenton is keen on winning the car parts Joe is auctioning for Jaxx but Jim is less than impressed with the idea. He’d prefer a garden gnome. Jazzer persuades Harry to go to the auction and places a bid for him hoping Harry will end up with trash but he gets a decent set of dumbbells instead which Harry loves. Oliver is more interested in the mangle but Joe decides not to sell it in the end – it means too much to him.

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